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Dear Experience Magic Users,

Please contact me. I was wondering something.


Jul. 25th, 2017 10:11 am
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I am thinking of another hiking/camping trip. Anyone interested? Thinking for the dates of 9-13. Yes, Wednesday to Sunday. I could do longer. Like an entire week. Anyone interested? Alex, I already have you down. No buts.
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I have found the prefect wedding dress


I know it is like way early, but I am too excited. Alex and I already have finally selected a date. Save the date cards coming soon.

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Is it too late to fly south for the winter?
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Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to meeee. Happy birthday to me.

Now that I have written the Happy Birthday song out, it doesn't seem that exciting. :/

Edit later: Also I made whiskey cake. It is in the kitchen
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I hate Halloween. The cases that I get this time of year are just kids being brats
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Before my signal goes away for the rest of the weekend, happy birthday ALEX! You are getting old!

As for everyone else, there is birthday cake in the kitchen. Okay Lorna out. Adventure time!
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I kind of want to do an overnight backpacking.
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If I looked distracted it is because I am shielding myself from solar flares and storms. It happens all the time but some days it is worse than others.
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After a rough last job, I had got to thinking of expanding my arsenal. Carrying around a few small metal balls is fine but I need something more

I have an idea in my head and I would like someone to build it for me. A belt that has an extendable metal like whip hidden inside. Something that I can comfortably wear all the time and if I need to go to the airport it won't draw too much attention.



Oct. 29th, 2015 03:24 pm
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I don't pay attention to my roots for a month and already the green is peeking through.
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College graduate right here. After sending in my final paper last month I just got a letter in the mail with my official Bachelors Degree in Geology.

I think I need to celebrate. And a frame. I need to hang this accomplishment up in my non-office.
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I am not a huge fan of solar flares. I hate them.
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Tomorrow is Pi Day. Is there a place nearby where we can order Pie's?
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I am not prepared for this snow. I am so cold.
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My sister said I should introduce myself so that people know who I am. I am Lorna and I arrived here a couple days ago. I am still getting acquainted to the size of this place so don't be alarmed if you see me walking the halls looking lost.
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I will not be cooking for awhile. There are still leftover in the fridge but in case people don't want that I will be ordering Pizza. All kinds.
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I just feel like Thanksgiving was last week now I am looking at Christmas. Anyone staying at the mansion? I need to know how many mouths there are to feed.
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Okay. So. Who is all going to be here for Thanksgiving dinner next week? I need a head count.


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